How To Photograph Clothing Without A Model

When you picturegraph garb in your ecommerce keep, you honestly need to get it proper. It may be the distinction among last that sale or the capacity patron bouncing off the page.

Clothing isn’t as complicated as photographing rings as you’re now no longer coping with small, vivid and distinctive portions however you continue to want to get your installation proper and seize all of the information.

In this step-with the aid of using-step manual, I cowl the fundamentals of product images: system you’ll want, making ready your garb gadgets, putting in your picturegraph studio (even though it’s simply at home).

Disclaimer: This put up is for ecommerce traders who’re putting in their first product images studio and feature a few expertise of images

Step 1 – Decide on the way you need to show your merchandise

Before beginning some thing, you want to make your mind up on the way you would love your garb gadgets displayed to your ecommerce keep.

There are 3 not unusualplace methods how traders picturegraph garb:

Use an invisible model

When it involves product images, showing a product in a greater practical shape together with a model may be of extraordinary price for your clients.

Online buyers are much more likely to shop for an object of garb if they could visualize how it’ll appearance after they put on it.

A model will deliver your merchandise a practical human form with out the trouble of locating a version for every photoshoot. You can do away with the historical past from every picturegraph later for a expert touch.

Tip: Avoid amputated fingers, except you’re capturing some thing strapless. It will take plenty of time and ability to present a dangling, empty sleeve a practical shape on Photoshop, whether or not you’ve got got the historical past eliminated or now no longer.


Tip: Make positive you operate a model this is status straight-on. Mannequins designed for brick-and-mortar shops are frequently status in precise poses so they don’t all appearance the identical whilst status collectively.

It will appearance simply bizarre while you do away with the historical past from a picturegraph and the model has one hand on its waist or its hip sticking out!

Hire a version

If you’ve got got the price range, lease a version.

Models can strike any sort of pose or paintings with any sort of attitude that flatters your piece of garb. This will assist you create the suitable in-context shot of your product which you could use to your ecommerce keep and additionally on social media… assume Instagram and Pinterest!

Tip: You need to test with special poses however make certain you don’t cowl up an excessive amount of of the product you’re promoting after all of the consumer desires to see the information.


Models additionally deliver your merchandise persona and create greater of a emblem. A lot of on line shops, for example, pick fashions who they assume constitute their ‘goal patron’. If you examine Zara and Arnhem, the fashions, the garments, and the vibes couldn’t be greater special.


These product pix from Zara (left) and Arnhem (proper) use very special fashions and styled photographs that deliver their emblem high-satisfactory
On the downside, fashions will price you greater than a model and you’ll ought to discover a collectively handy time to shoot, which isn’t constantly easy.


Example of garb images the usage of a model (left) as opposed to a version (proper). Product pics thru Mr Porter
Flat lay images
Flat lay images is the very best and one of the maximum price-powerful methods to picturegraph your garb gadgets.

Flat lay images works properly for shirts and I actually have additionally visible it paintings for socks and mens’ trousers.

I usually wouldn’t advise the usage of a flat lay in your ecommerce keep, except you want a groovy visible to percentage on social media. I assume in relation to product pics, showing them in a greater practical shape is of a good deal greater price for your clients.

To take a extraordinary flatlay, you’ll want a huge piece of white paper or a white sheet to put at the ground.

Make positive your merchandise are searching their high-satisfactory — iron your garments and make certain collars are in location and buttons are performed up. You can deliver your merchandise a really easy and flat form with a bit of cardboard.

Remember that your clients can’t attempt to your merchandise, and are frequently hesitant to buy merchandise due to the fact they could’t believe how the goods appearance on themselves.

The purpose I need to say flat lay images is that ‘knolling’ is all of the rage on social media, and overlooking social media structures as a supply of ecommerce site visitors isn’t wise.

If you want convincing, test out Shopify’s infographic on social commerce.

If you haven’t heard of knolling earlier than, it’s the procedure of arranging items in a grid.

Social media customers, in general Instagrammers and Pinterest customers with a fashion/life-style attention, create those preparations of merchandise to suit a sure topic and appearance notable on the identical time. Create your very own notable flatlay compositions and watch because the regrams, repins and likes flood in.

You need to use at the least one in every of your merchandise and pick add-ons or family gadgets that supplement the product. Not all of the goods want to be your very own; the concept is to power site visitors for your ecommerce keep circuitously with the aid of using first using site visitors for your social media platform.

It is crucial to bear in mind the methods wherein your merchandise are associated with one another. Photos need to really talk a not unusualplace topic, event or colour as to now no longer crush the viewer.

Step 2 – Prepare your garb images system

The system you want doesn’t want to interrupt the financial institution or be expensive. Digital cameras are coming down in fee and cellphone cameras have become higher and higher.

Here’s a listing of images system you’ll want:


Having the right digital digicam could make the distinction among a expert searching picturegraph or an novice one. Mirrorless is with the aid of using some distance the high-satisfactory form of digital digicam to picturegraph garb because of their more moderen technology, studio lighting fixtures connectivity, and bodily lighter weight whilst as compared to conventional DSLR cameras, however don’t be fooled into shopping for one in case you don’t want to. Your cellphone can paintings simply as properly.

Lighting Equipment

For garb images, lighting fixtures is essential. Potential shoppers need to look all of the information of the object so it’s far important to gain lighting so that you can communicate together along with your digital digicam. To start with, I might advise deciding on a mild package which incorporates 3 lighting so a 3-factor lighting fixtures setup may be implemented (one key mild, one fill mild, and a again or hair mild).

If you make a decision to apply a cellphone in your images then making an investment in a non-stop mild package is the manner to move as there may be no want to sync the mild to the digital digicam’s shutter. You also can use this form of lighting fixtures package with a mirrorless digital digicam, however higher effects are accomplished with a conventional studio lighting fixtures setup and a wi-fi trigger.

Studio Backdrop Kit

Along with lighting fixtures, the backdrop is one of the maximum critical portions of system required for easy searching pics. I’d advise trying to find a simple white images backdrop which incorporates a stand. The package need to be about 10 x 20 foot as this may assist you to picturegraph a model at complete period for any more clothes or clothes you can promote.

Studio (Wireless) Lighting Trigger

When discussing mirrorless cameras earlier, I noted you’ll want a studio lighting fixtures trigger. This 1/3 celebration accent will talk among the digital digicam and studio lighting fixtures package to make certain they ‘cross off’ or ‘fire’ on the identical time the picturegraph is taken. When you buy such a simply make certain the emblem you’re shopping for is well suited with the digital digicam emblem you intend on the usage of.


Selecting a strong tripod is a have to for studio images because it gets rid of any undesirable digital digicam shake as a result of hand keeping your digital digicam. Aim to get a tripod that extends to kind of your eye degree in peak and are seeking for one which has a spirit degree as this may are available in reachable whilst putting the legs up.

Mannequin or Model

Mannequins can offer brought advantages to the general fashion and preserve your price range low.

As I noted earlier than, make certain to get a model with out amputated fingers or legs.


While the usage of a version may be expensive, the brought advantages a expert can deliver to a shoot occasionally outweigh the price.

For instance, a expert version might be capable of extrade their frame to praise the garb they’re modeling, while if it had been on a model, you’ll ought to pin the garment for the identical impact.

A version also can deliver herbal motion to the garb which the consumer can relate to. Also having your version pose in an outside place would possibly match your emblem higher than an indoor studio environment.

Lifestyle garb pics are developing in popularity, so it simply relies upon on the general appearance and sense you’re going for.

Photography toolbox

Having a bag of hints in your picturegraph shoot is constantly very reachable whilst making ready your garment for garb images. For instance, the usage of pins to pin again unique folds or labels will prevent copious quantities of time in Photoshop later on. Clothes pegs also are a extraordinary manner to acquire and stable extra fabric in the back of the version or model to mirror a really perfect wrinkle-free, seamless suit.

Other gadgets of price include, tape to place material simply in which you want it, spare batteries in your digital digicam, spare bulbs in your studio lighting and a steam iron to rid any wrinkles.

Step 3 – Prepare your garb merchandise

Preparation is prime to a extraordinary picturegraph shoot. I can’t inform you how typically I’ve performed picturegraph shoots handiest to discover a small, but apparent detail, out of location. The time you install right here will prevent a good deal modifying time later on or even prevent time from redoing a whole shoot! I’d propose you to acquire all of the articles of garb you desire to picturegraph and begin a manufacturing line to get the whole lot ready.

Ironing or steaming all of your clothes (for your preferred music playlist) is the primary element you need to do. Do this earlier than placing the whole lot to make certain no wrinkles are displaying.

Second, have your images toolbox open, spare batteries charged and pins on the ready. If you’re going for mannequins, get dressed your model with the primary object of garb.

Look out for the ones tiny information to your clothes.

Check if all of the buttons accounted for and buttoned up
If your article has tassels or ties make certain they’re styled well and consistently.
Make positive your sleeves aren’t handiest folded well however folded consistently
Make positive there aren’t anyt any stains at the garb
Step 4 – Set up your images studio
Your garb images studio will be a expert one, or perhaps only a spare location in in the back of your keep. It doesn’t simply remember so long as you’ve got got the proper digital digicam and lighting fixtures.

Set up your backdrop first. Once that’s performed, begin putting in your lighting fixtures and digital digicam. As I noted formerly a 3-factor lighting fixtures setup is high-satisfactory for garb images.


Three-factor lighting fixtures installation thru PhotographyPLA.NET
To begin with, installation one mild subsequent for your digital digicam and route it in the direction of the model, this may shape the important thing mild.

The 2nd mild will act as a fill mild and need to be located at a 45-diploma attitude out of your model and in addition farfar from the primary key mild.

Finally with the closing mild function this among the model and the backdrop.

The picturegraph above is a great manual to how high-satisfactory to place your digital digicam, tripod, and lighting in evaluation to the location of your version or model.

Step 5 – Check your digital digicam settings
When putting your digital digicam, there are 3 elements you want to appearance into – aperture, ISO sensitivity, and shutter velocity.


For garb images, it’s best to shoot at a excessive f/stop, among f/eight and f/11. This will assist you get a greater targeted shot to your garb merchandise.

Shutter velocity

Shutter velocity refers to how lengthy your shutter will continue to be open. Ideally, you need to set it round 1/one hundred twenty five whilst photographing garb.

ISO sensitivity

When taking pix of garb, the perfect ISO settings is among four hundred and 800. This will rely upon what form of mild reassets you’re the usage of. If you’re the usage of synthetic lighting fixtures, set your ISO among six hundred and 800 instead, permitting you to lessen the noise.

Step 6 – Start taking your product pix

Now, onto the thrilling part – photographing your merchandise!

Make positive that your digital digicam is solid. Use a tripod. This will come up with crisper and sharper product pics. If you don’t have a tripod, you could location your digital digicam on any solid or difficult surface.

Your model or version need to be on the middle of your digital digicam frame. Make it a factor that it takes up the bulk of your canvas. If you want nearer photographs, both modify your tripod or modify the optical zoom of your digital digicam.

Tip #1: Do NOT use a virtual zoom – It lowers the great of your product pix because of the cropping of the picturegraph at the same time as capturing.

Tip #2: Set your digital digicam on a 2-2nd-timer mode. Doing this permits your digital digicam to re-attention to your challenge after urgent the shutter.


StyleRunner makes use of fashions for his or her garb images to how our the object is worn and styled.

Show off the information

Don’t neglect the small information while you picturegraph garb.

There is not anything worse for a patron after they get hold of the product and realize that the material is stiff after they concept it turned into soft. Or that the object had a zipper nearer whilst it truely has buttons.

So take pix of the stitching, material, tags, zips, buttons and some thing else approximately your garb object which you assume the patron might also additionally need to look earlier than creating a buy.

By together with information you could lessen the quantity of customer support questions you can get hold of and additionally growth conversion prices due to the fact the patron has all of the facts approximately the object in the front of them.

You can constantly allow a zoom characteristic that permits your patron to do the zooming. You need to offer some preference close-ups to reveal the patron in which they need to appearance.


Examples of garb images that consists of information of the object thru Mr Porter.
Tips whilst photographing garb
To get the object to take a seat down correctly, I endorse the usage of props and equipment that will help you while you picturegraph garb.

Iron the garb object to do away with any wrinkles. I discover that a steamer is the high-satisfactory option.
If you want to fill out the bust of a garment, positioned a padded bra at the model
Use pins and pegs to clip clothes into location if the object is just too massive for the model or version
Using a fan may be a extraordinary manner to present your product motion
Use obvious tape to preserve any tags or labels out of the manner

Step 7 – Editing your product pix to growth sales

Once you’re performed taking pix of your merchandise, it’s time to edit your pics to make all of them searching regular in your on line keep.

Your put up manufacturing procedure need to think about the way you need your pix to appearance to your ecommerce keep. Make positive which you cope with the alignment, white historical past, cropping, and colour correction to make certain consistency.

If you need to take your garb images to the subsequent degree, consider growing ghost mannequins — you could’t get any greater expert than that.

A ghost model impact makes your product pics appear like it takes the shape of a human with out showing a version. By displaying small sections of the internal of the garment, you deliver the product a greater 3-dimensional shape.


Example of ghost model product pics thru Matches Fashion.
You don’t want to lease a version for ghost pics; a model will paintings higher. The procedure of taking a ghost model isn’t easy, however consider me once I say it’s truly really well worth it.

Try Pixc for free
How to create a ghost model impact
Take a picturegraph of the product from the the front. Then take a picturegraph from the again, however flip the product internal out.


Notice that the picturegraph at the proper is of the garment internal out. This is used to create the ‘neckline’ of the object.
You need to use a tripod for this and keep away from converting the quantity you zoom. A excellent concept is to additionally mark a gap at the ground in your model so it’s withinside the identical spot for each pix. This will make it less complicated to ‘stitch’ the gadgets collectively later on.

The subsequent step is getting rid of the historical past, as you want in order to see the again via the the front. Then you simply ought to location the the front on pinnacle of the again in Photoshop, which shouldn’t be too tough if each your pix had been taken from the identical distance and attitude.

Read our little by little put up on the way to create a ghost model impact in Photoshop with screenshots to reveal you precisely how it’s far performed.


The Outnet makes use of ghost model product pics to reveal the shape of the garment.
I do apprehend that this calls for a sure degree of ability and a chunk of more time, so in case you ever want assist doing this Pixc can do away with the picturegraph backgrounds and create the very last ghost pics for you.

Last step – Upload your product pix to promote on line
The ultimate element you want to do is add your gadgets for your on line keep and any market which you are promoting on, ensuring which you healthy the picturegraph requirements.

Remember that garb images may be fun — and whilst performed proper, could make your keep appearance notable! If you’ve got got any of your very own tips, allow us to realize withinside the remarks below.