How to Optimize Amazon Product Images to Increase More Sales

Before you listing your merchandise, get yourself up to speed with Amazon picturegraph hints. These optimization recommendations will assist enhance your income dramatically.
with the aid of using Alexandra Sheehan on April 16, 2021

There are 2.four million lively Amazon dealers worldwide. That’s a number of competition, and that could make it difficult to face out in one of the maximum crowded marketplaces withinside the world.

Receive loose ecommerce & product images recommendations

But that isn’t to mention you may’t stand out. You simply should realize the way to stand out.

One key issue on your Amazon list is the imagery. And with regards to optimizing your product pictures, you’ll want to consider the context wherein they’re viewed. Not simplest do Amazon product pix show for your major product page, however in addition they display up in seek outcomes, as thumbnails.

Learn the way to optimize your Amazon product pix to force conversions with the aid of using adhering to the technical hints and the usage of a chunk of innovative flair.

Tips for optimizing Amazon product pix

Follow the technical Amazon picturegraph necessities
Assign picturegraph precedence at the product page
Adhere to Amazon’s requirements for first rate pix
Remember provide stage pix
Use numerous product pictures
Mind the complete body
Provide critical data

1. Follow the technical Amazon picturegraph necessities

When putting in place new product pages or updating current listings, you’ll want to fulfill the Amazon picturegraph hints and associated technical necessities. If you don’t, Amazon won’t be given your listings and pix, even when you have the satisfactory product pix

Check out the Amazon product picturegraph necessities at a look beneath, however bear in mind that it’s usually satisfactory to test their webweb page for the maximum up to date data and Amazon policy.

Amazon picturegraph necessities

Image length: Your Amazon photograph sizes want to be as a minimum a thousand pixels extensive or tall, and 1600 pixels at the longest side. You can’t make your pix larger than 10,000 pixels at the longest side.

Image body: The product ought to fill 85% or extra of the body.

Background color: ALL product pictures ought to have a natural white history.

File format: You can add JPEG, PNG, GIF or TIFF files. Amazon prefers JPEG.

Color mode: Both sRGB and CMYK are normal.

Other Amazon product picturegraph necessities to note:

File names: The report call have to consist of the product identifier (that is your Amazon ASIN, JAN, EAN, thirteen-digit ISBN or UPC). After that, a duration and a report extension (see normal report sorts indexed above). For example, 1234567890123.tif or A987654321.jpg. You might not consist of dashes, areas or different characters withinside the report call.
Design: You can’t consist of any textual content, borders, logos, mannequins, inset pix, excluded accessories, or watermarks on your pix. If you’ve got got a model, you may discover ways to edit it out or appoint our ghost model picturegraph-enhancing offerings so we are able to do it for you.
Don’t permit the concept of ghost model picturegraph enhancing scare you away. We can assist with that.

Here are extra sources from Amazon:

Product Image Requirements
Seller Central: Prepare product pix

What length ought to pix be for Amazon?

Your Amazon picturegraph length ought to be as a minimum a thousand pixels tall or extensive with the aid of using as a minimum 1600 pixels tall or extensive. You can’t exceed 10,000 pixels. If your pix are too huge, you may resize them with out sacrificing the quality.

How many list pix are you able to add to Amazon?

You can add one major product picturegraph and up to 8 helping product pix on Amazon listings.

Image source

What are Amazon image necessities for pix apart from the principle first picturegraph?
Amazon has the equal necessities for major pix because it does for supplemental pix. However, you ought to use those spots to exhibit your product from unique angles, contextually, and in unique methods than it seems withinside the major picturegraph. Be positive to observe the Amazon product picturegraph length hints for all of your pictures.

2. Assign picturegraph precedence at the product page

Amazon offers you one major product picturegraph and up to 8 extra spots, however it’s as much as you to prioritize the pix withinside the order in that you need them displayed. It’s an excellent concept to apply all of these to be had slots, in preference to simply or 3 pictures. Doing so facilitates conquer one drawback that each on line store faces: now no longer being capable of positioned the product withinside the palms of the patron.

“Play with the angles [of your product photos],” Leslie Termuhlen, media members of the family coordinator at Jungle Scout, says. Show as many angles as feasible. Try to assume which angles the shoppers might study in character after which reflect that.

Once you’ve uploaded your pictures, you’ll need to prioritize and assign how every picturegraph seems at the page. This manner determines the order of your pix, in order that they display up in the suitable collection withinside the Amazon product seek outcomes in addition to for your product pages. Consider arranging the pix so clients revel in the product (thru pictures) in a logical manner.

Check out the instance beneath from Loisa, which sells Latin-flavored spices and seasonings on their very own ecommerce keep and thru Amazon. In addition to the sincere white history shots, they perspective the bottle of seasoning so clients can see the a part of the label that lists the ingredients. They additionally exhibit the product outdoor of its packaging so consumers higher can believe cooking with it in actual existence.


Image source

Need to rent a product photographer and don’t realize in which to start? We gotchu.

3. Adhere to Amazon’s requirements for first rate pix

Using first rate pix for the principle and baby SKU pix are mainly critical for changing income and receiving extra clicks, however they’re additionally a part of Amazon’s non-technical requirements. These Amazon product pix necessities are:

Use actual pictures: The picturegraph have to be an real image (or the duvet art, withinside the case of tune or books for example). Drawings, vectors and illustrations won’t be normal in addition to extra inset pix, animated .GIFs, snap shots or textual content overlays. (Note that a still .GIF is acceptable.)

Keep it simple: Anything withinside the body that’s now no longer without delay associated with the product dangers turning into distracting to the capability buyer. Remove those out of your

Amazon product pix.
Aim for quality: Your Amazon product photograph decision ought to be high-decision. Use sharp and well-lit product pictures that appearance sensible. Pay unique interest to how the colours appearance after they’re shot, as you don’t need any unpleasantly amazed clients.

Be appropriate: Pornographic or offensive messages are prohibited from Amazon, so that you’ll need to cast off some thing doubtlessly risque out of your shots. We’ve were given an educational that will help you cast off undesirable factors in Photoshop, Photomerge, or GIMP.

Beyond adhering to Amazon product images necessities, first rate imagery will even make your merchandise come to existence for consumers who can simplest view them thru a screen. Some groups might also additionally decide shoot their very own product pictures however there’s fee in hiring a expert product photographer.

“The [photographer’s] pictures have been a lot better quality,” he says. “Your product image is the No. 1 element that determines if a person will click on for your list, so that you NEED terrific pix.” That means, every time feasible, the pix ought to be shot and edited with the aid of using skilled professionals.

If your pictures require enhancing, you ought to additionally recollect hiring a expert image editor, which could suggest the distinction among beautifully-targeted pictures and Photoshop fails (which no enterprise proprietor can afford).

Not positive if it’s time to outsource your image edits or in case you ought to hold doing them yourself? These are the thirteen symptoms and symptoms it’s time to get a few outdoor assist.

Here’s what can take place in case you use an unreliable enhancing service, for example:

Source 1, 2, 3

Compare the picturegraph above to this professionally shot and edited picturegraph:


It’s critical your pix be honest. In different words, don’t alternate the vibrance or saturation, due to the fact as soon as your product receives to the clients, they’ll realize you misrepresented the pictures and description. Setting sensible expectancies could be very critical, even critical, while promoting on line so your clients realize what to expect.

Similarly, in case you want to symbolize scale on your pictures, ensure the whole lot is sensible while photoshopping your pix. It’s satisfactory, every time feasible, to place a ruler subsequent to the object or definitely positioned withinside the real dimensions.

four. Remember provide stage pix

If you’re promoting used or refurbished merchandise, an “Offer Level” or “Listing Photo” is likewise allowed for your product pages. This picturegraph shows on Amazon’s provide list page, which facilitates clients differentiate your provide. To upload your picturegraph, get right of entry to your Amazon Common Template. Map the sector termed as “Main Offer Image” and “Offer Images.”

Listing image necessities

5. Use numerous product pictures

You can put up as much as seven pictures (one major image and 6 extra) so use the ones on your advantage (and to assist the patron make an knowledgeable decision). Give clients an in depth view of the object(s) from all perspectives. Not displaying elements of the product in element can fee you a capability patron.

For example, this matcha powder from Golde is photographed in some unique methods. The major picturegraph offers you an concept of ways it’s packaged, which units expectancies for while the product arrives. The supplemental pix display how clients can use the product in drinks. It additionally offers you a glimpse into what the matcha powder simply seems like, which you may’t see while it’s withinside the packaging.

Image source

You may need to shoot your product from unique angles. If you’re now no longer positive which angles your clients need to peer concerning your specific product, visit a bodily retail keep and examine how consumers have interaction with merchandise (if you may) or go searching at gadgets in your property and select out them up as though they have been displayed in a keep. What might you study or appearance for? The indoors of purses and wallets, for instance, are regularly photographed as there are critical functions clients might be fascinated in.

Use a combination of pix with humans too. This can deliver merchandise scale and assist capability shoppers believe themselves withinside the model’s place.

You’ll additionally need to be aware of the lights of your photoshoot and the way that impacts the colours of your pictures, specifically due to the fact they want to appearance the equal manner withinside the pictures as they do to the bare eye. “Use an additional mild source, and edit the image in a while to truely make it pop,” Termuhlen says. A little little bit of put up-processing can pass a protracted manner.

If your price range allows, recollect hiring a product photographer. An skilled expert who focuses on your enterprise and kind of merchandise ought to realize which angles to capture. Ask your community for guidelines and peruse directories like Jungle Market or Shopify Experts.

6. Mind the complete body

It’s clean to cognizance almost about your picturegraph and lose sight of the complete body. But taking note of the rims and corners of your pictures is exceptional critical. You need to fill the body however additionally keep away from reducing off the concern of your picturegraph.

“Make positive the product takes up as a lot area as feasible,” says Barron. “Many humans may have an excessive amount of white area of their image which makes their product appearance small withinside the seek outcomes. You need your product to be as huge as feasible so it is less difficult to get noticed.”

7. Provide critical data

In addition to showcasing your product, you may use Amazon product pix to proportion critical data approximately the object. “If it’s a multi-percent, consist of a small icon overlay that announces 10-percent or some thing depend it is,” says Barron. “Call out dimensions and functions to attract interest to what makes your product unique.”

Perhaps you create a image rendering of the era at the back of your spill-evidence children’s dishes or display a breakdown of the clean 3-step setup in your backpacking tents. This motormotorcycle instructor stand on Amazon has some unique snap shots that display extra data approximately the product: